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Virginia Golf and Sports Performance: Helping Athletes and Tactical Specialists Reach Their Full Potential

Thank you for visiting! Here at VGSP we take pride in being built on individualized care and customer service. Being a smaller facility allows us to fully focus on YOU, your goals and reaching them to their fullest.  This includes no distractions, no crowds, no waiting for equipment, in depth form correction, more one on one time and an all around greater sense of community. What else does this mean for our clients? BETTER AND FASTER RESULTS. We look forward to taking part in achieving your fitness and athletic goals.

Golf Performance

Stay on course with our Doctor of Physical Therapy and Titleist Certified Medical Professional. Get a full movement screen, video analysis and K Vest evaluation of your golf swing combined with manual Physical Therapy to improve your overall accuracy and power while decreasing any lingering pain.

Tactical Training

Catering to members of fire and rescue, law enforcement, military, and current or future ROTC participants. Train to preform your duties at top level and improve proper safety mechanics and techniques.

Sports Performance

Want to gain that extra step up on the competition? Our providers are here to push you to the next level with agility, strength, stability and conditioning techniques specific to each sport. Individual, group/team training available.

One on One Personal Training and Group Fitness

VGSP offers one on one personal training or group training(bring a friend!) to help you stay motivated. Either way, our instructors are here to push you to your full potential.

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Musculoskeletal injury frequencies in tactical athletes hover around 25 injuries per 100 operators per year. Around 19 of the 25 injuries are classified as preventable injuries. Of those injuries classified as preventable, 75% occur during some form of physical training.                                         

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Working with Public Safety Workers

Working with Public Safety Workers

Firefighters, Military, Police, EMS and other public safety positions are constantly putting their bodies on the line for the improvement and betterment of public safety and health.  These public servants often put their own health and safety concerns to the side by...

Is Pain Messing up Your Golf Game?

Is Pain Messing up Your Golf Game?

Does pain limit you on going out and playing golf with your buddies? Do you feel like it forces you to tone down your swing, competitiveness, and raise your scores? According to the Titleist Performance Institute, 28.1% of all players experience low back pain after...